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Austin Construction Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Austin is growing rapidly and is the fastest growing city in the great state of Texas. With that growth comes building opportunities both in residential and commercial projects.

We can help with contracts review and contracts disputes, with liens and lien removals, with construction defects and construction change orders.

We represent homeowners, contractors, subcontractors, and construction companies. Because Mr. Hernandez has first hand job experience in construction he knows the terminology and what to look for. Many of the subcontractors and vendors speak Spanish and because Mr. Hernandez is fluent in Spanish he can investigate the issues with the builds first hand.

The Texas Property Code has several provisions dealing with residential construction law and mechanics liens for more information on those statutes and reference into what type of law Alex R. Hernandez Jr. pursues and protects, reference Texas Property Code.

If you need a construction law attorney to help you with a construction law dispute call Alex R. Hernandez Jr. today.

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