Lawyers at the Law Firm of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. have extensive experience in handling banking-related issues such as loan defaults, capital markets, dispute resolution, deposit account claims, trust and fiduciary claims, and crisis management. Our clients include businesses and lenders – both private and institutional.

We counsel our clients on matters related to financial transactions, financial instruments, and credit issues. We have represented clients in state and federal courts on different banking issues and also before various regulatory bodies.

Our understanding of banking laws, industry-specific issues, and client situations are intrinsic to our success in handling banking-related issues. The banking sector follows strict and often complex regulatory laws; our insight into these laws benefits clients who can take timely decision so as to ride the crests of financial waves as and when they occur in their market, locally and globally.

Be it injunctions that involve real estate firms, foreclosures, protecting the interests of lenders when borrowers declare bankruptcy, and negotiating with borrowers, we have an experienced team to handle all banking-related litigations that may arise.

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