1. Is Texas a Lien Theory or Title Theory State?

    Texas is a Title Theory State. What is Title Theory? Title theory states that banks or mortgage lenders hold the title of a property until it is paid in full. Once the loan is paid then the title is released to the buyer giving full title to the purchaser. California is a Lien Theory State. What is …Read More

  2. UCC Article 9 – Secured Transactions

    Uniform Commercial Code UCC Article 9 Secured Transactions – debtor owes, then secures item to turn around and sell to make themselves whole Security interest to secure payment or performance of obligation Collateral – agreement in writing, reasonable description 4 Classes of Goods Consumer Good…Read More

  3. Port Aransas Business Lawyers

    Great Corpus Christi Business Lawyers Free Initial Consultation by Phone call 361-792-3811 Our law firm is ready to help you with your Port Aransas Business Law issues.  We can help you with most business matters. Give us a call today. We are a short trip to Corpus Christi for an office visit or we…Read More

  4. Corpus Christi Real Estate Lawyers

    We are a law firm of Corpus Christi real estate lawyers. We handle many matters dealing with local real estate issues including transactional and litigation cases. Our Corpus Christi real estate law services include: Real Estate Documents Business Entity formation to purchase real estate Asset Prote…Read More

  5. What Do Business Lawyers Do?

    A: Business lawyers help any size businesses deal with business issues. It may be collecting an invoice, it might be filing a lawsuit, it might be figuring the best legal way to save money in their business.  Call us for help in your business law matter.…Read More

  6. What is a Real Estate Lawyer called?

    A:  A real estate lawyer is just a lawyer by name, there are no special names or terms for a real estate lawyer. A real estate lawyer may specialize in residential law (generally normal houses or homes) and commercial real estate (buildings, bigger commercial properties, shopping centers). There ar…Read More

  7. What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

    A: A Real Estate lawyer generally handles real estate transactions or litigation.  Real estate law can deal with residential or commercial matters.  Real estate lawyers can put together the real estate deal, paperwork or contract, or can help with disputes and go into litigation, negotiations, med…Read More

  8. What Is a Business Interruption Insurance Claim?

    Our economy has been hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic and we are helping businesses who have been stopped, halted or delayed. Businesses often have insurance that might cover this type of business interruption. For years, these businesses have faithfully paid their insurance premiums in order to ha…Read More