The world of business is a tricky one and there are a lot of governments rules, regulations, and laws in place. If you are a business owner, a major shareholder, or will be starting your own business soon, it is imperative to use the expertise of an experienced business lawyer. At Alex R. Hernandez Jr., Business Law, we are here to be that voice of expertise for you. While you are surely an expert in your industry, you are not expected to be an expert at business law — that’s where we come in. Forming a relationship with a Texas business attorney from the get-go can ensure you always know who to call when any of the below situations occur.

Business Formation

When starting a business, it is a good idea to make connections with a business formation lawyer who can guide you through the process and ensure you are doing everything to the letter of the law. If an instance occurs later down the road, you will be thankful you started with a lawyer who will keep an in-depth record of the formation and execution of your business and is well-acquainted with your business.

A business with a firm foundation is much more likely to succeed than a business with a rocky foundation. Forming your business with the help of a business attorney can help you establish your business as a sole ownership or partnership, as well as what type of entity you will be running and the legal requirements for those, such as a nonprofit, LLC, or corporation.

Using an attorney when forming your business can ensure you have your bases covered concerning everything from taxes to liability and more. We can help you gather all necessary business documentation and file the proper paperwork.

Business Real Estate

You will likely need to lease a commercial space to run your business. Lease contracts are almost always in favor of the landlord, but many people think that building leases are non-negotiable. Remember, this isn’t a college apartment you’re signing a lease for. If your landlord drops the ball on you, your entire livelihood could be in jeopardy. Have a business real estate attorney look over any lease contracts before you sign and they can help negotiate a better deal for you.

Business Litigation

Many issues can be solved through negotiation and arbitration, but when they cannot be, the last option is to go to court. When your business is at stake, you need to choose not just a good corporate lawyer, but a good trial lawyer. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has often been regarded as one of the best trial attorneys in Texas and can represent you and your business in court should the need arise.

Business Investigations

There may come a time when your business is under investigation for a violation of laws or regulations. These investigations can come from the local, state, or federal levels and can range from tax violations to environmental investigations. When this happens, having a lawyer by your side can help protect your business and handle communication with the investigators.

Business Acquisition

If you are buying an existing business or merging with one, it is important to have a corporate lawyer by your side every step of the way. Your attorney for business can negotiate deals, draft paperwork and contracts, draw up employee incentive plans if you are acquiring not only a business but its employees as well, and complete a slew of other related tasks that require legal business knowledge and experience.

Breach Of Contract

If you have a business agreement with another party and they violate the contract they signed, you are entitled to seek legal action. Whether there was a clear breach of contract or the contract left some gray areas, we can help. Breach of contract cases can be straightforward or they can be incredibly complex and confusing — or somewhere in between! With the help of one of our business litigation attorneys, you can rest assured that every aspect of your case will be evaluated and taken seriously, regardless of the size of your business or the severity of the contract violation.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry, and that includes business partnerships. When you and your business partner or one of your major shareholders have a dispute, or if you are a shareholder yourself, we can help negotiate a resolution. Whether that involves getting your equity out as a shareholder or dissolving the partnership entirely, our Texas corporate lawyers have the experience to handle your case.

Dissolution Of Business

If you start to mow your lawn, get halfway through, and walk away, there really aren’t any consequences. However, if you own a business and decide it’s time to walk away from the business, you cannot just say, “I’m done,” and move on. Legal proceedings must occur to ensure the legitimate end of a business and protect your current and future self. Our business dissolution lawyers work to protect your interests and rights, as well as ensure business partners or shareholders are in agreement. We know the nitty gritty of business dissolution and can help you through this process and tie up necessary loose ends.

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