Our economy has been hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic and we are helping businesses who have been stopped, halted or delayed.

Businesses often have insurance that might cover this type of business interruption. For years, these businesses have faithfully paid their insurance premiums in order to have business interruption insurance coverage to protect them from losses. These premiums were happily paid because it meant peace of mind for the businesses in knowing that, if something out of their control forced them to close or suffer economic losses, they would be protected.

Now that the time has come for the insurance companies to stand up and cover the losses resulting from the business interruption caused by this virus, the almost universal response has been to either deny the claim or delay in responding to the claim.

Our firm is actively reviewing potential claims against these insurance companies for either wrongfully denying or unreasonably delaying the payment of claims under business interruption insurance policies. We understand that, under the current economic climate, both small and large businesses cannot afford to pay attorneys by the hour, so we are taking these cases on a pure contingency basis in order to avoid further economic losses to these businesses.

So if you know a client, friend or family member involved in a business that has been severely affected by the Cornavirus pandemic, be it a restaurant, bar, retail, hotel or any other business similarly affected, contact us today and let us review the applicable insurance policies to see if we can help recover for losses sustained during this crisis.