Real estate is likely one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a property mogul, working with trustworthy companies and individuals is imperative to protecting your investment. However, sometimes even the simplest of real estate deals can go wrong, leaving you left to figure out how to take action and move forward.

That is where Alex Hernandez Business Law comes in. We have experienced real estate attorneys to help settle disputes and ensure that your rights as a land, home, or property owner are not infringed upon. The real estate litigation process is a long and complicated one, and having a team of law professionals by your side is imperative to ensuring that nothing gets looked over — especially when you potentially have hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. If you find yourself dealing with any sort of property dispute, real estate fraud, or other land or property-related legal problems, you need to call Alex Hernandez Business Law to help you navigate through this time.

What Can A Real Estate Lawyer Do For Me?

The job of a real estate attorney in Texas is to possess a deep understanding of the laws and regulations governing real estate transactions and disputes and to use that knowledge to the benefit of their clients. A typical case can range from reviewing and negotiating documents (such as transactions, contracts, appraisals, or inspections) during the purchasing process to resolving disputes and issues regarding insurance, boundaries, fraud, zoning, encroachment, taxation, and more. They are your go-to people for any legal issues regarding real estate. Below we’ve outlined a few of the issues our real estate attorneys can take care of:

  • Encroachment Disputes: This occurs when one person builds a structure that invades your land. This can be a shed, for example, or a balcony that hovers over your land. Encroachment can also concern trees that grow over your property that the tree-owner refuses to cut.
  • Boundary Disputes: Where does one party’s land end and the other’s begin? This becomes a heated debate when one party wants to build a structure, even as simple as a fence, on another’s property. And it gets even more heated when something went wrong in the past and two people ended up with deeds saying they own a particular piece of land.
  • Misrepresentation: Misrepresentation in real estate refers to sellers and agents making false statements about a property which lead the buyer to sign a contract. If false statements are done knowingly, it is fraud. However, even parties who make statements thinking they are true without having proof, accidentally misspeaking, or otherwise offering untrue information however innocently about a piece of real estate that persuades the buyer to enter into a contract is a misrepresentation of said real estate.
  • Fraud: Real estate fraud lawyers can protect property buyers when they have been given false information about the state of a property or known problems with the property have not been disclosed. We can also help mortgage lenders and real estate professionals if a borrower or buyer has falsified loan applications or documents, lied about their credit, or engaged in other fraudulent behavior in order to buy a piece of property.
  • Other Real Estate Issues: We can also handle cases of intentional misconduct, ownership disputes, partnership disputes, or any other real estate problems you may be facing.
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When Do I Need A Real Estate Lawyer To Purchase Property?

When purchasing property, it is always a good idea to consult a real estate lawyer, though, there are a few cases when it is highly recommended to do so. These are cases that are not your cut-and-dry for-sale-by-owner situations. These may include the following:

  • When purchasing property from a foreclosure or short sale
  • When purchasing commercial property
  • Property that is prone to natural disasters
  • Property that has had termite damage, lead problems, or has experienced flooding
  • Purchasing property that is owned by a bank
  • Buying property that has additions added, especially if it was a DIY project by the previous owner, as you might be inheriting zoning or code violations
  • If you need to draw up a lease-to-own document
  • Purchasing a property with current tenants living there
  • Buying land where you plan to build a house or commercial building

A Note To First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers should, at the very least, hire a competent, respected, and recommended real estate agent to work with. Keep in mind that agents typically are paid a percentage of the final closing cost, so while they want to work in your interest to get the sale to go through, there is also a benefit for them to keep the buying price high. Get recommendations from friends and your mortgage lender about real estate agents they trust. Again, these professionals should be working in your favor, but having an extra set of eyes — especially a set of eyes who specializes in the legal aspect of property — is important to ensure you are not taken advantage of. Your lawyer can review all documents before you sign them to make sure you are not signing documents that work only in the favor of the seller and their counsel. They can also negotiate on your behalf to lower the price, especially in cases when you are buying a property with code violations, mold, or other big-ticket problems.

Need A Real Estate Litigation Attorney In Texas?

Alex Hernandez Business Law has real estate attorneys and experts to handle everything from reviewing documents to negotiating out of court to taking disputes to trial if needed. If you are investing in real estate, be sure to also invest in an experienced legal team to ensure that all of the loose ends are tied up. Our dedicated team will work in your best interest and fight for your rights in a Texas real estate matter. Our residential and commercial property lawyers are here for you. In order to best serve our clients, we have fluent Spanish-speaking lawyers who can offer legal aid in Spanish to ensure there are no miscommunications when investing in real estate or handling property disputes. Get in touch with an experienced property lawyer today!