We handle breach of contract matters.

When you have a solid contract and it is broken or breached there could be financial loss and hardship. That’s where can can come in as your breach of contract lawyer.  Our law firm handles contract and business law matters including breach of contract issues.


We review the contract to determine whether it is valid. Does it include the elements needed for a legally binding contract? The elements of a binding contract are offer, acceptance and consideration. Without these three elements, there is no binding contract, most of time. There are exceptions and we can help you with those also.


If there is indeed a binding contract we review what you claim the breach is, what broke the contract or what wasn’t fulfilled in that contract.


We then move on to the damages portion of your claim. Damages are normally financial damages in a breach of contract claim. Did you lose money? or what did you lose? We review whether we can pursue those financial or economic damages on your behalf including an investigation of the background and assets of the individual or business that has breached the contract.


We then decide whether it is economically feasible to go into a lawsuit, or contract litigation. The costs associated with litigation are normally very high and going after the person in breach may or may not be economically feasible.

We can help you as your breach of contract attorney, call our law firm today.