Business dissolution is often an inevitable end to a business.

It is a legal procedure that must be carried out under the counseling of an experienced law firm. It has implications for your present and future. The reasons leading to dissolution may or may not be in your control. The Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. protect client interests in cases of business dissolution that may arise due to disagreements between partners or an opportunity to generate cash by selling a profitable business. Your financial rights and pecuniary interests are paramount to us and we bring to fore all our legal acumen to ensure that the dissolution of business is fair to you and the transition to another stage happens smoothly.

Efficient and smooth management of business dissolutions entails legal know how. The nitty-gritty of a business dissolution should ideally be available in writing, and all concerned parties, including shareholders should ideally be in agreement with the steps executed.

Such steps may include the division of business property, filing paperwork with relevant authorities, issuing notices that creditors may take note of, ending business permits, and canceling licenses as well as business names being used for operation.

Business dissolution does not have to be a long drawn process. With the right legal team to assist you, you can avoid disputes and disagreements, and where required, argue your case so that you don’t end up being shortchanged.

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