Business Torts Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

We handle business interference torts. Tortious interference, a common law economic tort, occurs when one party interferes with the contracts or relationships of another party with the intent of causing economic harm.

Healthy competition in business is desirable; greed and underhand tactics to undermine competitors are undesirable and must be resisted forcefully. TAlex R. Hernandez Jr. represent clients who are suffering from intentional interference with business relations. Such interference is known as tortious interference and may manifest as a tortious interference of contract or tortious interference of business. The former involves a deliberate and wrongful breach of contract while the latter occurs when false claims are propagated against a business with the intent to harm it and make it lose customers.

Both situations are fit for legal cases against perpetrators. Proving such cases requires skill and experience. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. endeavors to settle such cases with minimum stress to the clients and aim for just compensation for financial loss and mental disturbances that such tactics may result in.

In order to prove such a claim, it is important that the legal team be able to prove the existence of a contract and the accused party’s knowledge of such a contract. It is also vital to establish that the defendant acted in a mala fide manner, and that such action resulted in a breach of contract.

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