1. Is Texas a Lien Theory or Title Theory State?

    Texas is a Title Theory State. What is Title Theory? Title theory states that banks or mortgage lenders hold the title of a property until it is paid in full. Once the loan is paid then the title is released to the buyer giving full title to the purchaser. California is a Lien Theory State. What is …Read More

  2. Port Aransas Business Lawyers

    Great Corpus Christi Business Lawyers Free Initial Consultation by Phone call 361-792-3811 Our law firm is ready to help you with your Port Aransas Business Law issues.  We can help you with most business matters. Give us a call today. We are a short trip to Corpus Christi for an office visit or we…Read More

  3. What Is a Business Interruption Insurance Claim?

    Our economy has been hit hard by the Covid 19 pandemic and we are helping businesses who have been stopped, halted or delayed. Businesses often have insurance that might cover this type of business interruption. For years, these businesses have faithfully paid their insurance premiums in order to ha…Read More

  4. Corpus Christi Business Insurance Coverage, Litigation and Pandemic

    In my March 16, 2020 blog post about enforcing contract performance, I wrote about force majeure and other contract clauses that, depending on your role in the contract, might help or hurt you. While writing that post, I started wondering when the first wave of inevitable COVID-19 related lawsuits w…Read More

  5. What are the Business Law Issues with the Coronavirus Pandemic?

    There are few corners of the world that have not become concerned, if not obsessed, with the evolving coronavirus outbreak. In the Coastal Bend, we’ve been fortunate thus far to have some of the lowest numbers of confirmed cases; however, it’s hard to say how things will play out in the coming m…Read More

  6. How Do I Find the Best Corpus Christi Business Law Attorney ?

    Finding the best Corpus Christi business lawyer for your case can be a job in itself.  The task with finding the one business law attorney to defend you, and protect you or a loved one is important because it means your money and your livelihood.  We suggest taking the following steps in looking f…Read More

  7. Avenatti Was Over $15 Million in Debt During Alleged Nike Extortion

    California attorney Michael Avenatti, known for representing porn actress Stormy Daniels in a lawsuit against U.S. President Donald Trump, was more than $15 million in debt when he allegedly tried to extort as much as $25 million from Nike Inc (NKE.N), U.S. prosecutors claimed. Last week, Avenatti, …Read More

  8. Dispelling Myths About Estate Planning

    Here at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Business Law, one of our many practice areas is elder law and estate planning. As your estate planning lawyer, we can handle most legal matters surrounding the distribution of your assets and end-of-life care including power of attorney, medical directives, wills, trust…Read More

  9. How To Evict A Tenant With A Real Estate Lawyer In Texas

    Being a landlord of a residential property in Texas can be both rewarding and frustrating. While we would love to live in a world where all tenants and landlords followed their leases to a ‘T’ and peacefully resolved any issues, we know that this is not the case. When a landlord decides it is ti…Read More