1. What Do Business Lawyers Do?

    A: Business lawyers help any size businesses deal with business issues. It may be collecting an invoice, it might be filing a lawsuit, it might be figuring the best legal way to save money in their business.  Call us for help in your business law matter.…Read More

  2. What is a Real Estate Lawyer called?

    A:  A real estate lawyer is just a lawyer by name, there are no special names or terms for a real estate lawyer. A real estate lawyer may specialize in residential law (generally normal houses or homes) and commercial real estate (buildings, bigger commercial properties, shopping centers). There ar…Read More

  3. What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

    A: A Real Estate lawyer generally handles real estate transactions or litigation.  Real estate law can deal with residential or commercial matters.  Real estate lawyers can put together the real estate deal, paperwork or contract, or can help with disputes and go into litigation, negotiations, med…Read More

  4. Why We Are Using LadyBird Deeds Instead of Transfer on Death Deeds

    A Ladybird Deed typically retains for the benefit of the grantor the right to sell, lease or mortgage and keep all proceeds of the property and you can deed the property back (and do a new deed if you like), allows the grantor to keep all property tax exemptions and other tax advantages  for the gr…Read More

  5. What is the phone number for Alex Hernandez business lawyer?

    We have many different phone numbers across Texas because we are a multi office law firm but our main phone number for the law office is 361-792-3811. There you can discuss your business legal issues with the legal intake department. If you need to discuss your legal issue with Mr. Hernandez call th…Read More

  6. Business Affected By New Minimum Age to Purchase Tobacco Products

    A new law signed by President Donald Trump is impacting young smokers and business owners across the country. The new law raises the minimum age to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products from 18 to 21. It also applies to electronic cigarettes and vaping products that contain nicotine. The provisi…Read More