Collections Defense Lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has represented clients with collections defense issues i for two decades. If you have a collections letter and do not believe you owe it or have been sued by a debt collections agency, our law firm can help.

Our firm can help you deal with harrassing phone calls, defend your collections lawsuit, and avoid default judgments and defend the lawsuit to the best of our ability. If you have been sued by a creditor call our law firm today. We can help resolve your case and usually help you pay pennies on the dollar for older collections matters.

We can help with legal services and legal advice with regards to debt collections and debt collections cases.

In terms of debt collection defense, our debt collection defense attorneys provide strong, aggressive representation to business and individual clients alike. In short, we take prompt action to stop harassing phone calls and unfair collection methods while making them prove their claims with full documentation.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers against unfair or abusive debt collection practices. These guidelines include prohibiting debt collectors from:

  • Making false threats about taking legal action
  • Making threats they will have you arrested
  • Contacting your employer or relatives about your debt
  • Calling you at home before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
  • Calling you at work in some situations

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Hire a local collections defense lawyer. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is a member of the National Association for Consumer Advocates and our law firm is ready to help you with your consumer debts today. Call and establish a long lasting attorney client relationship with our firm today.

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Located at 921 N. Chaparral Suite 100, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 our office is near the State and Federal courthouses. Check our ratings in your local lawyer directory or Avvo. Hire a collections defense lawyer in Corpus Christi Texas today.

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