Contractor and Builder Disputes

Contractor Dispute Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

When you hire a contractor and give him your hard earned money you expect him to get the job done. When he doesn’t get the job done or leaves you with a mess you have a contractor dispute or maybe even fraud.

Contractor Fraud Attorney

When Hurricane Harvey hit hundreds of contractors from out of state came to help, or did they come to rip you off ? That really depends on the contractor’s intention.

Then there’s the upstarts that come in, put up new ads, and guess what? They say they have experience based on one of their workers but they never really had any experience, managing or building.

That’s where our law offices come in.  If you have a contractor dispute, or think you have been the victim of fraud call us today. We can give you the advice you need to get through the situation or even file a lawsuit to help you recover monies owed.

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