When you own a small business, your money and your resources are more valuable and needed more than ever.

That’s why we at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. represent small businesses in Corpus Christi and Texas.

Corpus Christi Business Law Attorney
Contracts and Commercial Litigation

We understand that your life savings may have been used to open your small business and now you need to make sure that your money grows in that small business so that you can reap the rewards of having your small business in Corpus Christi.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. represents small to large businesses in Corpus Christi Texas and can help manage and guide you through

  1. Setting up your business
  2. Raising Capital
  3. Reviewing contracts
  4. Maintaining your business- small monthly retainer plans are available, call for more information.
  5. Handling employment issues
  6. Help with collections of accounts by writing demand letters
  7. Protecting intellectual property
  8. Filing lawsuits for collections and accounts or breach of contracts
  9. Defending you from lawsuits filed against you

If you need a small business lawyer in Corpus Christi then Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is the one to call today 361-400-0178.