Are you going through a divorce? Need to protect your investment portfolio?

A divorce results in dividing one household into two. The sources of income that contributed to one single family too get halved. This is why protecting investments becomes important.

You should consider consulting lawyers who have handled fair and equitable sharing of investments in the aftermath of a divorce. A dispassionate and informed look at your financial situation may reveal facets about your combined investments that could have a profound bearing on how the funds are split. For example, it could be that you’re not fully aware of where the money has been invested because your spouse handled this aspect of your family’s finances. Or, your long-term financial objectives are no longer what they were when you were married. Do you need to take steps to ensure that your retirement funds remain in your name and are not emptied by your ex-spouse? Is your ex-spouse still the primary beneficiary in your investments?

Are you even aware of all the investments that your spouse has made?

Very often, couples headed for a divorce learn about hidden accounts of their spouses. We have seen it and this is just one of the many things we consider so that our clients are not caught off guard. We ensure that your rights and privileges associated with joint accounts are maintained. Sometimes, there is only a temporary migration of money from one account to another. But it has to be proven in a court of law. If need be, our attorneys will team up with appraisers and forensic accountants so that hidden investments are uncovered.

An understanding of commingled assets is required to ensure that the contributing estate to an investment gets fair reimbursement.

Qualified legal representation is sometimes essential to ensure that your retirement savings and investments are not compromised during the course of a division following a divorce. Our lawyers have experience with investments such as employee retirement funds, stocks, grants, saving accounts, bank accounts, property, and shares. Your investment portfolio and the division of marital assets in your case is most likely going to be unique. Your legal team is equipped to handle the situation and protect your investments so that you get a fair share.

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