Environmental Law Firm

Our lawyers help in environmental law issues. Environmental laws are vast and usually are concerned with state and federal regulations governing the environment and how we as humans interact with the environment. We help defend those charged with environmental violations and can interpret laws to defend clients.

Some of the areas of law that we cover are

  • Air Quality 
  • Water Laws
  • Chemical Safety
  • Work environment safety 
  • Hunting and Fishing Laws 
  • Waste management 

There are various laws and statutes administratively that we are educated and aware of in environmental law.

We have helped clients with

  • Underground Storage tanks
  • Fishing violations
  • Oystering violations
  • Federal bird violations (this was a Federal trial)
  • Water law defense in Austin 
  • Mesothelioma cases
  • Illegal dumping
  • Benzene cases at work and by plant fires
  • Restaurant smoke violations
  • other environmental law challenges

We are able to challenge the laws in State and Federal courts throughout the United States. Our lawyers often have personal goals to achieve when questioning legal authority with regards to environmental standards and fairness of the laws

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