How Do You File For Divorce in Texas?

Filing for divorce in Texas begins with filing a “Petition for Divorce.” These forms can be provided online. Our family law department also has forms that they produce for a smaller fee that a full service divorce costs.  We can assemble the document and ask questions such as

  • Do you need a divorce or annulment?
  • What are the grounds for divorce? There are two different kinds of grounds for filing for divorce in Texas:
    No-fault grounds, which means that neither party necessarily did anything wrong to cause the separation.
    Fault-based grounds, which require that the filing party prove that the other party is at fault for the divorce. While both categories of grounds must be proven, if a fault-based ground is indicated when filing, there may be greater repercussions for the end result of the divorce proceedings.
  • Where is the proper jurisdiction to file your divorce? Where have you lived the past 6 months (Texas jurisdiction) and past 90 days (county jurisdiction).
  • Do you have children? Will you be requesting custody? Will you be requesting child support?  the more complex it gets the more we recommend our full services not just uncontested divorce papers
  • Do you need Temporary Orders? will you need to protect your assets or children
  • Do you need an Injunction or protective order? Is there family violence
  • What property needs to be divided?  Depending on asset value and difficulty, again we may recommend full service divorce options
  • Is this a military divorce? Military divorces have different rules and laws, again we may recommend full service divorce options based on this complexit
  • Will you need spousal maintenance? Will you want to get some sort of payments during the pendency of the divorce?
  • Will you need a name change?
  • Is this a Same Sex Marriage ?
  • and more

We can normally have your documents to you within 24 hours, we can edit several times if needed. You’re responsible for paying the filing fees and then filing pro se. You can print these documents and we will tell you where they need to be filed. We handle all Texas counties for filing.

Then we have to wait the 60 day “cooling off” period before sending you the divorce decree that you will need to finalize your divorce.

The Texas divorce decree form can be found online at or for a smaller fee we can provide a customized divorce decree along with the questions and answers you will need to take with you to prove up your divorce.

We also offer full service divorce options, from filing to divorce litigation and finalizing your divorce if there needs to be a divorce trial.

If you need further assistance call our law firm today 361-400-0178.