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Texas Bad Faith Insurance Claims Lawyers

Property Insurance Protects You From Unforeseen Expenses – It’s Denial Of Coverage By the Insurance Company Is Called “Bad Faith”

Your business needs to have an insurance policy to protect it from property damage. In the event of property damage, you can file a claim for damages to recover the amount lost on your property.

However, the insurance company may deny the claim or may not compensate you to the full amount in order to save themselves money. This denial or low offer is “bad faith” dealing by the insurance companies.

Our Texas Property Lawyers Protect You From The Insurance Companies

A dispute between you and the insurance company may necessitate a lawsuit or enter into demands and litigation so that you can get the amount that is rightfully yours. Our experienced property lawyers at Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can offer you a free case evaluation that will present all your options. Business property insurance against unexpected disasters like Hurricanes, Floods, Hailstorms, Fires, and other natural disasters cover loss of property, loss of personal income, and loss of business income.

You will need the legal advice of legal experts who can correctly value your claim and get the legal justice you need.

Insurance companies often try to shorten the period of indemnity; this is the time that you need to bring your business income to the levels before disaster struck. Contingent business interruption, if included in your insurance policy, allows you to recover for losses because of third parties.

Confused? Get Legal Advice From Our Texas Business Property Lawyers

The fine print of insurance policies is most important when it’s time for the insurance firms to pay. This is where our experienced Texas property lawyers can help. With the correct interpretation of the insurance policy document, we hold the insurance company responsible for the rules and conditions that are in the written document, essentially the insurance contract with you and the insurance company.

If you feel that your claim has been unfairly denied then you should consider getting legal advice from Texas insurance attorneys who have the expertise to get you what you are rightfully owed. We know the tactics that insurance companies deploy to delay, reduce from, or reject lawful claims.

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