Has a fire caused damage to your entire life?

Fire damage can lead to significant property damage. It can consume clothing, electronics, entire apartments, and leave you devastated. Insurance claims provide you with cover, but only if the insurance company pays just compensation. Depending on your individual situation, that may or may not happen. Often, valid insurance claims are either rejected or accepted partially.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you claim what is justly yours. We have the expertise and experience to counter the tactics used by insurance companies to not pay compensation. If your insurance company has brought up issues such as possible arson, underevaluated the damage, delayed the investigation, has alleged violation of insurance policy , or has tried to convince you to settle for lower compensation than what is justly due, then we can help you.

The charge of arson is among the most common ones levied by insurance companies. If they deny your claim by forwarding arson as the reason for the fire damage, then they need to establish this in the court of law. The burden of proof is on the insurance company. A good lawyer can establish the truth and get you compensation, not only this, the insurance company, because of a false claim, would be in violation of the law.

Smoke Damage, Partial Loss & More

Our attorneys know the damage that smoke from a fire can cause and we are committed to presenting your case such that the effects of this covered peril are well represented in your claim. Dangers from smoke include health issues, exacerbating existing health conditions, and property damage.

Partial loss from fire and smoke damage is a tricky issue because quite often the extent of damage is revealed over time. This concealed damage includes remnants of appliances burnt, incomplete cleaning of debris, loss of air quality, etc. These losses should be properly represented in your claim because there is a tendency to treat partial loss as relatively unimportant.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can perform independent assessments that are then the basis of negotiating settlements with the insurance company. We will hold the insurance company responsible to the agreement made in the policy document.

The insurance company exists to make profits. Unfortunately, it is often at the expense of honest business practices. Our law firm is committed to get you justice and just compensation. 1-888-HDZLAW-8