Hailstorms cause extensive property damage to property in Texas.

Loss and damage does not become immediately apparent. This makes claiming lawsuits a tricky process. Insurance companies are aware of this; they know that a roof may not leak for up to a year after damage from hail. Absence of visible damage after a hailstorm is often reason enough for insurance companies to deny a claim or whittle down the amount to an insufficient or disappointing figure.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you with a proper assessment of the damage to your residential or commercial property. Our team of experienced and qualified insurance litigation experts has a proven record in helping homeowners and business property owners get just compensation.

Our record as hail damage insurance claim attorneys speaks for itself.

The reason for this is that we know what the insurance companies don’t want you to know. Hailstorms can be very damaging, and there is little chance that you are even aware of the extent of damage to your property from a hailstorm. This is what we’ve learnt from offering consultations to individuals who have come to us.

What the insurance companies will tell you about your hail damage…

Typical excuses forwarded by insurance companies include pre-existing damage, poor construction, inadequate maintenance, defects in manufacturing, and refusing to take into account expenses related to repairs and removal of debris.

Denial, delay, or undervaluation of the damage claim is a very common problem with hail damage insurance. Damage from slightly dislodged roof shingles does not immediately become apparent. Insurance companies try hard to avoid paying for a full roof replacement even when hail damage has made such replacement necessary. They may bring up issues such as the age of the roof or try to lay the damage on causes or events not covered by the policy. Your best chance of getting your claim reimbursed is by having a knowledgeable attorney on board.

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