Do you know how to get the settlement you deserve?

Do you know that insurance companies evaluate the cost of settling or not settling your claim by the reputation of the attorney you hire to fight your homeowners insurance claim lawsuit? Let us assure you, our law office has a reputation for getting our clients just compensation.

As with other insurance claim settlements, homeowners’ insurance claims are often contested by the insurance company. As a result of this, your claim could be denied, you could be forced to settle for a lower amount, or there could be a frustrating delay in the payment. In such a scenario, the services of an experienced homeowners insurance claims lawyers can get you home insurance settlement and save you from a lot of heartburn.

As a rule of thumb, you cannot file a lawsuit after a claim has been settled. Insurance companies protect themselves by making you sign an agreement that prevents you from filing a case after a claim has been settled. In such cases, you can do little if you find out that you’ve been shortchanged.

The safe approach is to have an attorney on board who can review the settlement document and apprise you of the best course of action for a favorable settlement. With an attorney on board from the beginning, you may not have to sue the insurance company and if events do lead to filing a lawsuit, you will be on very firm ground with an experienced law company by your side.

Issues regarding the adequacy of coverage and your qualification for appropriate coverage require expert handling. Without proper counsel, the insurance company can run circles around you. If you’re unsure about the aspects of your insurance claim and the reasons put forward by the insurance company for excluding you from cover, then contact a property insurance lawyer.

Should you file a lawsuit against your insurance company?

Insurance lawyers at the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. are well versed with the intricacies of state law that govern insurance lawsuits. Filing a lawsuit sends a strong signal that you are very serious about pursuing your rightful dues. On your part, you must ensure that you document your communication with the insurance company representatives. Take photos of the damage to your property and of the repair work being done.

Remember, insurance companies are in to make a profit. The process of filing and collecting claims is often convoluted, and deliberately so, in the hope that an exasperated claimant will drop the claims.

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