Wind damage during hurricanes or tornadoes can result in extensive damage to your property. The roof of your commercial or private property may need to be fully replaced. This kind of damage, like water damage, is often tricky, because the damage does not become apparent immediately. Do not presume that the insurance company will reimburse your claim to the full extent. Most likely, it will not. It’s in the business to make money.

Your insurance company won’t reimburse your wind damage claim because…

One argument, which is often used by insurance adjusters, is that the damage to the roof was not caused by wind but by wear and tear over time or even faulty manufacturing and shoddy installation. The company may try to wash its hands off the claim to the extent it can; it may agree to minor repairs and some replacement of damaged shingles. This can compromise your physical safety, belongings, and business. Strong winds hurl objects against your property, trees and boughs are knocked down, power cables may land on your home…there is potential for a lot of damage. The insurance company may fail to account for all of it.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. have represented clients successfully in wind damage claim lawsuits. If you feel that your insurance company has treated you unfairly by not accepting liability for the claims, then we can help you get justice.

To assist your lawyers in the case, you should get everything in writing from the insurance company, including their justification and calculations for the compensation offered.

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