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Laredo business lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr. brings his experience in business and law together to help people in business law, family law, real estate transactions, estate planning, real estate and employment law issues.

When faced with a legal challenge, your attorneys should help you identify your goals at the beginning of the process. Thereafter, every action that follows must be undertaken with the aim of meeting those goals. Wasted effort equals wasted time and money, that’s something you cannot afford and your attorneys must respect this concept. At Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC, we counsel our clients to confront their legal challenges aggressively, but with purpose. Mr. Hernandez has acted as general counsel to large and small business entities and has handled complex commercial litigation.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. attorney at law has actual hands-on experience working in fields including accounting, manufacturing, aviation and construction. He has litigated cases ranging from IT to complex engineering projects. He is as comfortable representing you in the boardroom as the courtroom. Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is a highly skilled litigator and negotiator.

Litigation can be an expensive and time consuming diversion from achieving your business objectives. You should implement litigation avoidance measures which often begins with ensuring you have well-drafted contracts. So many of the legal disputes we see arise from poorly drafted contracts or from a client failing to appreciate the impact of seemingly innocuous language to defending a limited liability company and individual liability exposure. We are trial lawyers first, and fellow business owners who know the effects of business decisions and business transactions and the importance of the attorney client relationship. Let our law office help you with your corporate law issues.

Let our experienced attorney put you in control of your legal challenges so you can get back to running your business.

If you would like to get started with your 15-minute legal strategy session with our business law firm, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our practice, reach out to us today. We would be glad to speak with you. Our first call is free to help get to understand your business, probate, real estate, or insurance issues.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. looks forward to getting to work on your case, so do not hesitate to call us today.

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Serving clients nationwide. We represent large and small business including business formation and litigation in state and federal courts. We also help with real estate law in Laredo Texas. Even if you need simple legal advice with regards to your business our Laredo business attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can help you with legal counsel in Webb County surrounding counties and more. We help with business law services and criminal defense and other law matters throughout Texas.

We are offering clients a free 15 minute legal strategy session with business lawyer Alex R. Hernandez Jr. 

Handling your business law and business disputes and represents clients in other legal representation, practice areas and legal matters. With years of experience in business and litigation, Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is ready to help you in Laredo Texas and surrounding areas. Let us help you with your legal issues.

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