Lender Liability Litigation

Lender liability claims are a reality that private lenders and commercial lending institutions have to face. The Law Firm of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. represents its clients facing claims of violations of terms of loan by the lender, allegations that the lender has taken over borrower assets, illegal foreclosure, refusal by lender to release loans, refuse loans or invoke rules and regulations not discussed in writing, threatening enforcement, disposing off the borrower’s collateral in an unfair manner, libelous conduct, and forced foreclosures.

Our team of lawyers has the experience and skill to respond to and defend against any lender litigations that our clients may have to face.

Complex Issues from Borrowers and Lenders

There are complex legal issues and points that borrowers raise in order to escape their responsibilities in repaying loans. We know the points they may try to raise to avoid their obligations specified under the terms of the loan.

It is a good idea to engage lawyers from the very beginning so that you can evolve a legally sound lending strategy and prepare documents that reflect such a strategy. We offer our services to this end so that the chances of a contract breach are minimized. If a borrower defaults on a loan, then we assist our client with options to collect, these include loan workouts, loan modifications, forbearance, foreclosures, and disposal of collateral.

Wherever possible, we can liaison with the borrowers on your behalf. On your part, you must ensure detailed records, segregation of duties of officers, abide by privacy and financial laws, and not micromanage the borrower’s financial decisions.

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