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At Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. PLLC, we support businesses of all sizes. Our New York business litigation attorneys have experience with commercial operations of all sizes, allowing them to guide clients through the process of business litigation and formation. We pride ourselves on delivering an extremely high quality of representation, whether you are attempting to form a new business with the proper documentation, terminate a partnership, or resolve an existing dispute. There is a wide range of disputes and issues that can arise during the time that your company is formed, such as employee disputes, termination, disciplinary actions, and partnership disputes. With our business litigation attorneys on your side, you can proceed through all of these challenges with confidence.

Having proper legal representation during your business formation can help to prevent going to court. However, in cases that must proceed to litigation, you can count on our business attorneys to provide you with unwavering quality and professionalism. We are committed to aggressively resolving all matters in the best possible way.

  1. Legal Services Offered: The law firm, Alex R. Hernandez, Jr. PLLC, provides assistance with business and commercial litigation matters in New York. This includes support for businesses of all sizes, covering aspects such as business formation, partnership disputes, employee disputes, termination issues, disciplinary actions, and more.
  2. Quality Representation: The firm prides itself on delivering high-quality representation to its clients, aiming to guide them through legal processes with confidence. They emphasize their experience and professionalism in handling business-related legal matters.
  3. Preventive Legal Measures: Having proper legal representation during business formation is highlighted as a means to prevent potential legal disputes. However, if litigation becomes necessary, the firm assures clients of their commitment to aggressively resolving matters in the best possible manner.
  4. Bilingual Support: Bilingual support in Spanish is also offered for clients who prefer to communicate in Spanish.
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