1. Steps To Take After Your Home Floods

    When your home floods, regardless of where the water came from, it is easy to go into full-on panic mode. Questions are likely running through your head. Will insurance cover this? Where’s the safest place in the house? What do I do right now? It is important to remain calm and have a plan of acti…Read More

  2. When To Call A Water Damage Attorney In Texas

    Water damage repair is one of the most expensive endeavors a homeowner or business can undertake. Under most policies, your homeowners or flood insurance should cover the cost to repair water damage and remediate mold that results from water intrusion. Whether the damage is covered under your homeow…Read More

  3. Bad Faith Insurance Claim? Call The Professionals

    You’ve all heard the story before. A citizen pays thousands every year to insure their car or house, thankfully never needing to file a claim. Then, tragedy strikes. Facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, the insured files a claim with their insurance provider, only to be met with a measly…Read More

  4. Filing Hail Damage Claims With An Insurance Lawyer

    Picture this: A major hail storm just tore through your neighborhood, doing massive damage to your roof and leaving your siding in shambles. Thankfully, you made sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy covered hail and wind damage. However, when you file your damage claim, your insurance agenc…Read More