Alex R. Hernandez Jr.
Tax Attorneys and Tax Litigation Advisors

We help clients with legal tax issues. Our tax law firm can help direct you where you need legal help with tax audits, tax liens, business tax issues, setting up tax identification numbers for businesses, and other tax legal help. ARH Consulting LLC tax lawyers can help you with different tax law issues and litigation in State and Federal courts. We can also resolve IRS tax issues. Having an experienced tax lawyer on your side is important with regards to your living, your hard-earned income, and your peace of mind. Since 2001 Alex R. Hernandez Jr. has protected hard-working people from IRS garnishments, banks levies and more, saving them millions of dollars in back taxes, penalties, and interest

Tax Law Issues and Litigation

Our  tax lawyers have experience advising clients on tax issues including:

    • IRS and Department of Revenue Examinations
    • IRS Collections
    • Unfilled Returns and Back Tax Issues
    • Voluntary Disclosures
    • Criminal Tax Investigations
    • Offer in Compromise
    • Forfeiture Proceedings
    • Installment Agreements
    • Estate Planning
    • Business Tax Planning & Succession Planning
    • Civil Tax Controversy
    • Real estate tax issues and like-kind exchanges under the IRS code to secure your capital gains
    • Planning your personal injury settlement distribution from a personal injury case, car accident, or premises liability distribution
    • Advice with the tax consequences from the sale of your business
    • Civil jury awards after winning your business law case

We can help you with tax issues throughout Texas, Mexico, and some other states where we have handled issues transnationally with regards to Federal and State tax implications. Our founder studied tax, business, and international law and has 2 decades of legal experience in litigation of tax, real estate, probate, and divorce division of property issues, and his background in Economics, Accounting, and Finance can help you individually or with your business tax issues.

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