Victoria Texas Business Law Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr.

Business law disputes in Victoria Texas are inevitable. Any business that has been in business for a while can count on it. The best thing would be to hire or retain a Victoria business law attorney before you start your business but if you need a Victoria Business Law attorney after the fact then Alex R. Hernandez Jr. would be the one to contact. In fact, Attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. is a Victoria Texas business law attorney who has handled many cases over the past two decades in Victoria Texas Victoria County courts.

If you have a Victoria Texas Business Law issue call his office today at 361-575-3101.

From a disagreement over a contract to a dissolution of a partnership, Alex R. Hernandez Jr. can handle your Victoria Texas business law issue. We are experienced in handling business issues from the start of the business to the middle of the operation of that business to lawsuits against and in need for the business, especially in Victoria Texas and surrounding counties.

Business Litigation and Trial Law

Business litigation attorneys primarily advise business clients in a broad range of non-criminal litigation, including issues involving contracts, disputes, liabilities, partnerships, and shareholders and transactional attorneys handle the paper side of these issues including drafting of agreements (not all contracts are iron clad), to dissolving partnerships when it is time to retire or move on to bigger and better ventures.

If you need a Victoria Texas trial attorney who handles business law issues and is armed with a background in Economics, Finance, and Business, then you need to call attorney Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Call today361-575-3101.

Victoria Real Estate Law

We also handle real estate law matters in Victoria Texas. Those matters dealing with contracts, closing, issues with homes, construction defects, contractor disputes, and other legal matters related to real estate are handled by our business law division.

Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Your Victoria Texas business law, personal injury, and litigation attorney.

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